Baron Trump

Baron is Trump’s ten year old son with Melania. We’ve seen more pictures of him in conjunction with inaugural events. The boy doesn’t seem to speak — but then the older Trump offspring don’t either, during official events. They stand perfectly coiffed and attired around their father, looking on adoringly.

Here’s the thing: have you ever seen Trump touch the boy, put an arm around his shoulders, tousle his hair, hug him, whisper anything in his ear — in short, show any sign there’s a relationship here? I’m thinking of the contrast with President and Mrs. Obama when they and their then-little girls came out in 2008 in Chicago to acknowledge his election victory. Each parent held the hand of one of the girls. Over eight years, there have been lots of affectionate photos showing the Obamas and their girls — laughing, teasing, hugging, eating ice cream cones, playing with their dog, simply talking, one family member to another. On election eve in 2008, before it was clear who won, I even saw a photo of Barack Obama sitting on the couch with his mother-in-law, who was holding his hand. I wonder if Trump even knows his mother-in-law?

As I’ve said before, I don’t think Trump has any real friends. He has acolytes and hangers-on, more so now that he is president. Power is very seductive. But friends? I don’t think so. He’s had three wives — no comment there. He has adult offspring and a son-in-law whose loyalty to him is apparently total and unquestioning. But he doesn’t seem to have any real relationships. I don’t need any more evidence to think that he is a reprehensible person, but his lack of any substantive ability to enter into relationships — whipping a crowd into a frenzy during a rally is not the same thing — is deeply worrisome.

2 thoughts on “Baron Trump

  1. I speculate that Barron is on the high end of the autism spectrum formerly called Asperger’s, which is characterized by not being comfortable with touch and other similar stimulation. I think that is why Trump has named a Kennedy to a vaccine committee since Kennedy has repeated the now proven false report on the vaccine autism connection and Trump thinks all the vaccines are given too close together. The Trump’s were quite upset when Rosie ODonnell tweeted this observation. Melania said Barron was a very smart boy and used computers all the time. Kids with this syndrome can be very smart but it doesn’t change the fact that they have problems connecting with people. I also suspect this is why they don’t want to transfer him to a new school since change is so hard.
    I hope I am wrong. But if I’m not, it will be extremely hard to hide as time goes on. It would be helpful to the special education community if the Trumps would become spokespersons for kids with those kinds of problems.

    I also noticed that when Trump was signing papers after the inauguration he barely acknowledged his little grandkids standing right next to him trying to help with the pens.

  2. for Kris: I’ve read speculation that Baron is on the autism spectrum — which certainly would explain Trump’s fascination with RFK and the anti-vaxers. I think I’ve also read some research suggesting a higher incidence of autism in children of older fathers — which I’m sure would drive Trump nuts. I’m guessing Trump is a hard man to have as a father, which would explain the older offspring’s uncritical adulation — not much room in this family to be your own person. And not much affection in any direction from the man Ivanka apparently calls “Daddy”.

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