Puzzle Help from Sara

This post is for my dear friend Phyllis, an ardent puzzler, who noticed that Archie loves puzzles and sent us two: a 300 piece and a 200 piece.


Archie immediately declared the 200 piece “too easy, Grammie”, and nabbed the 300 piece to go to his class in school where he can lead a little team of his friends in putting it together. That left me with the 200 piece. I am truly terrible at anything that involved spatial relations, but I try to do puzzles as a way of at least not getting any worse. I got most of the outside, but was then left with a string of pieces that didn’t go anywhere. Clearly something about what I had done was wrong, and I simply couldn’t see it, even after numerous attempts.

Daughter Sara is a whiz at puzzles, and before she and i went to Saturday breakfast, she came up to the apartment to spot where I had gone off track. Of course she saw the problem instantly. She got me going again, and now I am determined to finish on my own.

Thanks to Phyllis, and thanks to Sara too. Hope to have completed pics of both puzzles to post soon. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Puzzle Help from Sara

  1. Thanks for posting! Puzzles may not be your cup of tea, but you can do this one! Send a pic of your finished product. 🙂

  2. for Phyllis: It isn’t that puzzles aren’t my cup of tea — it’s that they are so hard for me because of my bad spatial skills. Sara is a whiz, and happily Archie has inherited that gene. He and Amy sit at a big table in the kitchen in the evening and work on a 1000 piece — nice Mommy and Archie activity, and a real pattern-skill builder for him. I love seeing them work. BTW, check the blog tomorrow for a pic of my puzzle success. 🙂

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