Inauguration Day

I’m a political junkie, and I’m usually glued to the events of presidential inauguration day. Not this year. I can’t abide seeing Trump and his smarmy coterie of hangers-on, nor hearing from them. I plan on no TV or radio all weekend.

I’m heartbroken yet again that the long-hoped for inauguration of the first woman president has been shattered, and by this vain, incompetent narcissist to boot. I may not see a woman president in my lifetime. I am seeing a return of the autocratic white male dominating positions of power. Welcome back to the Wolves of Wall Street, and the serial gropers of women.

I stand with John Lewis, and am grateful for his speaking out. Not a legitimate president, this Trump who scorns the core ideals of democracy and decency. Not my president, ever.

6 thoughts on “Inauguration Day

  1. I went to my aerobics class this morning planning to keep my mouth shut. The talk started just by a few people I have come to know when I am here in Florida. It started when one mentioned her daughter protested last night and was marching tomorrow. Others joined in and at least in my small circle of acquaintances there was not one person who was a Trump supporter…or would admit it. I join you in no TV today..unless tiny house hunters is on. Love it.

  2. for Joyce: I’m fascinated by tiny houses! And by the people who live in them. Glad we share that passion.

  3. I was in my annual Mamogram and it was on in the main room where men and women were waiting. To my surprise when I went in the room where you wait after your squeezed 😬, it wasn’t on. The older lady behind me was loudly asking why it wasn’t on and was quite irritated that she couldn’t watch the pre-showing. No one offered to change the channel, and there were at least 25 women waiting in our gowns. She continued,to huff and puff about the fact that she could not watch it in there. Interesting.

  4. for J: People really do divide over Trump. A friend and I were at the symphony last night, and as I was making a snotty comment about Trump a couple passing by overheard me, then stopped cold and jumped into our conversation — agreeing with me how horrible he is. Funny moment that I think would not have happened were we not on the eve of Trump’s swearing in.

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