Pundits are bemoaning the fact that Trump will take the oath of office without having his foreign policy teams fleshed out, and without many of his Cabinet officers confirmed. The pundits worry that Trump will be unprepared to face an early foreign policy crisis, having few seasoned people to rely upon.

I think it’s a misreading of Trump to assume that he’ll rely on foreign policy experts or anyone else other than the small circle of his family and trusted advisors, like Bannon. We know Trump doesn’t read. We know he has a short attention span for briefings. He has supreme confidence in his own intelligence, and little regard for experts. He makes decisions situationally, without a grand strategy. He got by that way in commercial real estate — with legions of bankruptcy attorneys and accountants to bail him out. I don’t think it’s going to work in a complex global world, but starting on Friday we’ll see.

Politico has an interesting commentary on Trump’s performance during the transition, by several of his longtime biographers. They see the same vain, insecure man, woefully out of his depth, that they’ve always seen — and they tell us that’s who we’re going to see for the four years of a Trump presidency. Trump lacks the self-awareness or introspection to realize that he’s exposing his profound inadequacies on the world stage, in plain view of all. As long as he has adulation from his core fans, he’s convinced he’s doing fine.

The rest of us are shaking are heads, and quaking in our boots at the damage he can and likely will cause.


10 thoughts on “Unprepared

  1. Hi Pam, as a person who loves politics and fights for justice – tomorrow leaves me speechless. My hope is our country is strong enough to make it through this sad time in history; I believe it is. We will watch and observe from the sidelines for a while…bottom line…we remain faithful and trust God on this one…far to big and serious for us. Sincerely, Sheila D

  2. for Sheila: I hope so too. I can hardly imagine the judiciary under Jeff Sessions, but we’ll actually see it unfold live, won’t we?

  3. I can’t imagine it either. I am blocking out tomorrow. However, all of us will continue to fight for justice and fairness for ALL people… way we are wired. Sincerely, Sheila D

  4. for Sheila: We are wired that way. Wonder if it was our Catholic upbringing, family values, or simply the way we see the world?

  5. I think all of that, Pam . I have have certainly learned through the years that Catholism…which has much good to it…has many silly and unkind…unchristian…man made rules. But, I think we are born with a sense of fairness that is teuly a gift from God. Yesterday was hard; much harder than I thought . Now it begins, we watch and observe…very carefully sincerely, Sheila D

  6. for Sheila: Watch, observe and act. I was at the Seattle women’s march today, which included lots of men and family members, and it felt hopeful. Now that witness has to be put into the hard work of organizing.

  7. Well said , Pam. The Marches are great affirmations and give us hope…agree. In my position I am not allowed to participate under our ethical guidelines…but I loved watching it all ! A lot of hard work ahead, nothing good comes easy. Sincerely, Sheila D

  8. for Sheila: What hurts — and that’s the right word for it — is that people like you and me live every day trying to be true to the ethical guidelines by which we live and work. Sometimes those guidelines are personal. Sometimes, as for you, they come as official codes of practice that judges are expected to observe. We now have a president who is completely indifferent to ethical norms, doesn’t see them, doesn’t care about them, barrels through even the most glaring conflicts of interest and dares anyone to call him to account. I simply can’t stand it.

  9. Yes we do, and so many like us. I can’t stand his behavior either, goes agains’t everything we stand for and everything we have worked so hard for all our life’s. I love when a smart person like you says she can’t stand it…I’m with you Pam. In times like this I go flyfishing….on a beautiful stream….alone…the sound of water is very soothing…like God talking to us. Be well. Sincerely, Sheila D

  10. for Sheila: Sharon told me you love fly fishing — I think it’s a great sport. Requires lots of skill, but brings lots of reward that has nothing to do with whether or not you catch anything. I’ll have to find my own equivalent of fly fishing, for sure.

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