Message for KellyAnne Conway

KellyAnne Conway has made her professional niche sanding the rough edges off antediluvian Republican male candidates who stand for election. Sometimes she’s not successful, as with Todd Akin of the “legitimate rape” comment. Sometimes she is spectacularly so, as with Trump. She got him through the Donald and Billy on the Bus video, which is no mean feat. For that she has been richly rewarded, both with money and proximity to the Oval Office.

My question is why?

Women of my generation went through a lot of workplace battles so that younger women would have a clearer shot at advancement based on our abilities, and so that the workplace would be cleansed of the sexual harassment that is second nature to men like Trump and Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly. Watching Conway sanitize¬†Trump’s gross vulgarity is literally painful.

Conway has young daughters, I believe. One day — facing a workplace where slobbering male bosses feel they don’t have to be politically correct any more — I suspect they’ll come to their mother and ask why she devoted her considerable talents to men like Trump. I’d love to hear her answer.

2 thoughts on “Message for KellyAnne Conway

  1. I’m usually a mild-mannered person and try to find the good or at least something interesting in most people. Not this woman! She pushes all my disgust buttons on every possible level and were I in a room with her probably would NOT resist the temptation to slap her across the face.

  2. for Phyllis: She does bring out strongly negative reactions. I might slap her in the face too, hoping to knock some sense into her.

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