Amazon Locker

Longtime blog readers may recall that daughter Sara worked on the Amazon Locker project; she’s now moved on to something new. But the Locker initiative is growing. The ones I’ve seen have been inside places that are accessible 24/7, like the New York City subway, Seven Eleven stores, etc. Today I went to a nearby pharmacy, and a bright Amazon Locker has popped up outside. This one is named Jerome — Amazon’s attempt to make an impersonal metal box that you access with a code seem a little more human.

In case you’re not familiar with Locker, you can now choose to have your package delivered to a locker wherever you want instead of to your home: near work, near the person who is going to receive the package, near where you are going for a trip, etc. When you order from Amazon, one of the steps is called “delivery options” — and if you put in the zip code of the place where you want delivery, a list of Amazon Lockers near that location will pop up. The idea originated in urban centers where many people live in buildings without doormen or concierge services — easy places for packages left outside to disappear. Locker is a much more secure option, and its uses have proliferated. Going to London and wanting Wellies? You can have them delivered to London, retrieve them, wear them during your trip, and then either donate, ship home, or use them as your travel footwear if you don’t mind hot sweaty feet on a transatlantic flight.

If you haven’t yet seen an Amazon Locker, this is what one looks like. Hello, Jerome.



6 thoughts on “Amazon Locker

  1. How does one get into them? From the screen I assume you have to enter some kind of ID or code.

    Another issue for you – they are finding mold in the Sophie giraffes. Apparently there is a small air hole which moisture can get into. Instructions say to just wipe it clean, not submerge it in water. But a slobbering baby can start things in motion.

  2. Wow. Really cool idea. Go Sara! Did not know this. I just showed hubby and the family the locker. See, your a world of knowledge with a google kid and an Amazon kid! 😀💯💕

  3. for Phyllis: Yes, you get a code along with the email telling you your order is in a numbered locker. You enter the code, and the door pops open. There’s a help number if you have any trouble. You take your package, close the door, hit “done” on the screen, and voila! And thanks for the tip about Sophie — just gave one to my niece’s new baby. Will pass the concern along.

  4. I’ve never seen an Amazon locker. Definitely will look for one. I love the personalization. It’s a great idea. I’ve sent things to my sister that were stolen off her steps now I ship to her work. Will have to try it.

  5. for Katie: It’s a really easy option, and it works great. Let me know if you need any help, but I think it’s pretty self-explanatory — Look for “Locker” as one of delivery options, and it will walk you through from there.

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