Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is another Trump cabinet appointee whose goals represent the antithesis of the department she has been nominated to run: Education. Far from being knowledgeable or supportive of the public education system, DeVos is a big advocate of unregulated charter schools, and of using public tax dollars to support religious schools. She wants to bring us back to being a Calvinist Christian country, using the indoctrination of our children to do it.

The Politico article is interesting in a larger sense than DeVos and education; it shows how conservative ultra-wealthy donors have used their money and political clout to turn previously blue states red. There is no question that over the 8 years while President Obama has been in office, a sea of red has overtaken state legislatures and governorships. But what is the reason? Has there been a sea shift away from liberal democracy toward libertarianism [Koch network] or Calvinist Christianity [DeVos network]? Actually not. What we’re seeing is the uber wealthy playing the long game politically, the Citizens United decision which allows them to flood the system with money, and apathy on the part of ordinary voters who fail to participate in most elections, leaving the way open for the most zealous and better funded to prevail.

Countering this is going to be a long, hard slog.

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