Panama 2017: Planning in High Gear

Lily and I are exchanging emails about things each of us needs to get. I’ve asked her to buy a couple of Banana Boat SPS 30 bronzeadora, which is available in el Machetazo in the city but not in Lily’s Arrocha pharmacy. Sally and I will have the afternoon at the hotel pool in the city on our arrival day, and being out in the sun for even a few hours without slathering on sun protection is literally dangerous for our winter-pale skin.

In turn, Lily has asked me to bring Neosporin, which is apparently not available there at all. That’s in addition to the pill cutter and container for morning and evening pills that Rufina wants to help manage Minga’s medications. Here, those things would be readily available in a pharmacy or even a supermarket. In Panama, they are not available at all.

I’m also bringing a warm sweatshirt that Minga chose on Amazon. I guess it’s no surprise that a tropical country doesn’t have much of a selection of heavy sweatshirts. Plus I have several small gifts that friends from here have asked me to bring.

Trip is two weeks away.


2 thoughts on “Panama 2017: Planning in High Gear

  1. I suggest that you purchase “blue lizard sunscreen”. It’s on Amazon. They have body lotion and face cream. It is superb. Recommended by dermatologists. It has the zinc oxide that truly kicks sun. I used it when in Panama last year and never got burned.

  2. for Katie: We share that fair Celtic skin, so will take you up on this! I need all the protection I can get, as my dermatologist is always reminding me.

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