Trump and the Press

A friend asked if I planned to listen to Trump’s press conference yesterday. I said no. I can read analysis of what he says, but the man grates on me and I can’t stand to listen to him live. That’s especially true after I heard President Obama’s speech the night before. Going from intelligence and grace and a call for the country to come together in support of democracy to Trump’s self-indulgent blather is a bridge too far.

Ron Klain, whose name might be familiar as the man President Obama named to be the point person during the Ebola crisis, has a piece in Politico about how Trump deals with the press: deny, divert, dismiss, disorient, double down. “Dismiss” is a tactful term for “he lies”.

This is the reality, and the press is going to have to learn to deal with it. That means serious investigative journalism, to continue to build the case for Trump’s self-dealing and egregious conflicts of interest, until the Republican Congress can no longer turn a blind eye — no matter how long it takes.

2 thoughts on “Trump and the Press

  1. As Meryl Streep said it is crucial that the principled press be vigilant and give voice to the truth.

    Tonight Ron has on the Paul Ryan Town Hall. Truthfully, Ryan would have preferable over Trump. I don’t agree with his philosophy or positions but he at least has some intelligence and understands policy.

    We have gotten the worst of the worst. I pray that the USA and the world do not suffer before Americans realize the atrocity of the incoming president.

  2. for Katie: Pence is more conventionally political, but his positions are no better than Trump. What a disaster has been visited upon us.

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