President Obama’s Final Speech

He always talks about “we the people”. He always calls forth our better selves, asking us to stand in the other person’s skin before we judge. He talks about hope, about faith in the founding principles of democracy. He loves his wife, and respects her, and calls her his best friend. He is most proud of being a father, and openly calls his daughters beautiful and accomplished and powerful young women. He honors the people around him, who have supported and had his back. He calls Joe Biden a brother. He celebrates our diversity, calling it a strength, not an occasion of fear. He says that we, as citizens, matter.

He’s an orator, spellbinding.

These eight years have gone by so fast. What a remarkable moment in history this has been.

6 thoughts on “President Obama’s Final Speech

  1. It was truly Obama at his best. I tried to enjoy the moment and the ambiance of the gathering, his recognition of Michelle and all those who had been part of the efforts of the past eight years, the people lingering in the hall afterward. Couldn’t bear to think of how things will change.

  2. It makes me depressed and angry at the same time that he gets no credit from so many Americans for what he has done in the last eight years. Racism, perhaps at work? And when certain people talk about family values, I point out that he certainly illustrates the family values they prize so much. Not to mention his scandal free presidency. He appeals to our better angels. He will be missed…………

  3. Yes, President Obama was at his best last night. I got the idea that he was not going to be a quiet past president but rather he would keep promoting issues of deep importance to him and his administration. There is a glimmer of hope…and he can hold his own against Donald.

  4. for Phyllis: Me either. I was blown away by the tribute to Michelle, and by her look of love for him in return. Hard not to contrast that with Trump and Melania. We all make our choices in life, and Melania certainly lives in a gilded palace. But can you imagine Donald ever talking about her, or any woman, in the way President Obama did about Michelle?

  5. for Ada: Racism for sure. And a fundamental misunderstanding of how the economy works, and how close we were to a devastating depression in 2008. Pulling the country back from the brink, and then delivering 75 months of job growth, is nothing short of extraordinary. And yet Trump has been able to peddle the myth that the economy is in shambles. Watch for Trump’s moves: very soon the economy will be.

  6. for Joyce: I hope both he and Michelle remain active and vocal. The contrast between the outgoing and incoming administrations couldn’t be more stark.

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