New Allegations about Trump and Russia

As a Hillary supporter, I’m livid about the fact that allegations of Russia having compromising financial and sexual information about Trump — and the intimation that Trump campaign people were in touch with Russian operatives — were out there in the run-up to the election but not made public. I almost gagged when Comey said he couldn’t have commented because the FBI avoids even the appearance of influencing the outcome of something so important as a presidential race. No one had the slightest hesitation about floating the most bizarre and unfounded rumors, innuendo, speculation, and outright falsehoods about Hillary. And the two Comey letters the week before the actual vote — the “maybe there’s something here in the Abedin computer files” followed by “nah, nothing there” — stopped Hillary’s momentum cold. The letters were a killer to her election prospects.

How did she lose? It’s becoming all too clear.

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