All kinds of pundits are trying to make Trump into this sly, smart complicated guy who’s making what seem to be outrageous moves but ones that are really clever underneath. I think none of the pundits can believe what they are seeing and hearing, so they are trying to make more out of less so the world will make sense to them again.

I have a different take, which is that Trump is intellectually inadequate and temperamentally unsuited to be president, and he reveals that with every tweet and utterance. Trump thinks the way to handle cybersecurity is to write things down and send them by courier. And he thinks Julian Assange is more trustworthy than the U.S. intelligence community. No amount of airbrushing by KellyAnne Conway or Mike Pence can make those two positions anything but what they are: dumb.

No wonder the people around Trump don’t want him in a full blown press conference; they’re terrified at what other moronic things he’d say.



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