Blue State Bonanza

I keep looking for hopeful articles about a path forward, and here’s a good one.

The argument is fairly simple: blue states, who voted for Clinton, are the more economically successful places who have long paid more in federal taxes than we get back in benefits. Red states, who consistently vote against health care, environmental protection, and a tax policy that benefits all Americans instead of just the rich 1%, tend to be at the bottom half of the country in terms of measures of economic success and personal well-being. They get much more back in federal benefits than their citizens pay in taxes.

Trump’s tax plan will be a big financial boon for blue states, as will repeal of the Affordable Care Act. This journalist is suggesting that blue states take the money we’ll save and use it to keep things like health care and environmental protection in place for residents of our states. Leave red states with exactly what they voted for.

Sounds like a plan to me. There is one complication: poor people tend to gravitate to places that are more generous in benefits, which could overwhelm the capacity of blue states. But I think that’s a solvable problem.

I say we take the money, provide for our own, and stop trying to make people want things they don’t seem to care about.

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