How Low the Bar

Having airily dismissed Russian hacking of the U.S. presidential election, Trump now tweets that he will “receive” an intelligence briefing next week. He didn’t say he would actually read the briefing, consult with his foreign policy team about it, or be open to taking the hacking more seriously if the briefing presents facts of which he is currently unaware. He just said he’d receive the briefing. Next week, not now.

President Obama, like his predecessors, received and read intelligence briefings every day. I wager that President Obama will receive one on January 20 and will read it, since he is president until mid-day when Trump takes the oath. Trump isn’t receiving intelligence briefings on a regular basis. I guess he thinks they aren’t that important.

We’re supposed to be reassured that Trump will have a briefing. We’re supposed to not notice that twice in the last few days, he’s publicly taken the side of a foreign head of state against the position of President Obama. We’re supposed to pass over the news that the state of Vermont has said the Russians also hacked into a computer with information about their power grid, just to test the waters and see what harm they might one day be able to do.

How low the bar has fallen for what constitutes acceptable behavior from a president-elect.

4 thoughts on “How Low the Bar

  1. And now he will announce his “own sources” about hacking. This man is getting ever more scary – keep up your questioning of his behaviors!

  2. for Phyllis: I can’t fathom the Trump supporters who are asking the rest of us to give him a chance. He hasn’t shown us one thing different from what we saw during the campaign. And if anything, he is even more scary, as you say. This is going to be a very rough four years.

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