Blogging 2016

My blog for 2016 is complete, “in the can” as they used to say for movies before digital took over the world, ready for the archive. This is the first post of the New Year.

I sold Jerry’s and my financial planning business in 2004, and closed my executive leadership consulting practice in 2010 when I moved to Seattle. That means I’ve been retired for some time. As I’ve said before, during our working years, work itself organizes us and delivers a constant flow of new people into our world. In retirement, you have to organize yourself, reach out to others to build a social life, and find something that brings meaning on a daily basis. The blog does all that for me.

Blogging has given way in popularity to shorter forms like the Tweet, but for a writer, such an abbreviated use of words is hardly satisfying. Happily, my blog still seems to hold a core of faithful readers and to entice new ones. The range continues to be global. Frequent reader comment makes the blog interactive, not just my shouting out into a void. I say that the stats are important, and they are, but what’s more important is my regular interaction with readers. Some of you come daily. Some come for single post and stay to read selectively. Some comment on the blog, for all readers to see, and some comment to me privately in email. It’s all good.

Here’s the rundown for 2016:

Total number of page visits: 84,802. That’s slightly down from last year — 86,154 — but quite robust enough to make me very happy. “Page visits”  means blog posts clicked upon.

Followers: 392. Followers are people who sign up to receive email notification when a post goes live. Followers are different from regular readers; I know who most of the latter are because you are my most frequent commenters. No need to sign on as a follower unless you want to — that you come every day or almost every day is more than good enough.

Countries from which readers have come, in descending order of frequency: United States, Panama, Turkey, Germany, Canada, U.K., France, India, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Portugal, Austria, Ireland, Malaysia, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Spain, Argentina, Philippines, Mexico, Belgium, Hungary, Greece, Sweden, South Korea, Indonesia, Switzerland, Romania, Russia, Cayman Islands, VietNam, South Africa, European Union, Singapore, New Zealand, Denmark, Latvia Egypt, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Cameroon, Pakistan, Norway, Luxembourg, China, Israel, Thailand, Taiwan, Colombia, Serbia, Hong Kong, Finland, UAE, Bangladesh, Slovakia, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Chile, Lithuania, Lichtenstein, Venezuela, Lebanon, Kenya, Bulgaria, Iraq, Tunisia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Jordan, El Salvador, Peru, Oman, Namibia, Uruguay, Cambodia, Armenia, Slovenia, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Palestine, Uganda, Macau, Angola, Kuwait, Costa Rica, Ghana, Belarus, Macedonia, Albania, Kazakhstan, Paraguay, Bolivia, Cypress, Syria, Botswana, Iran, Papua New Guineau, Honduras, Malta, Reunion, Nepal, Iceland, Barbados, Zambia, Bahrain, Laos, Estonia, Madagascar, Myanmar, Guadeloupe, Guyana.

Top five posts: All around Fremont Solstice. Readers may like my political commentary, or my thoughts about aging, or my random bits like shipping a canary. But you like naked bikers in body paint more.

New posts published: 1469

Reader comments on blog itself: 2763

All in all, a very satisfying year. Thank you for being faithful readers, for your thoughtful and insightful comments, for your unfailing support. On to 2017!

4 thoughts on “Blogging 2016

  1. for J: Thanks. You know I look forward to your comments. Makes me feel like I’m in your kitchen pouring tasty creamer into a cup of great coffee and chatting with you while we wait for Ellen.

  2. for J: You are one of my most loyal readers and commenters. And I love it when you do the “catch up” blast. My stats skyrocket for that day.

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