Trump and Jobs

Business leaders are sucking up to Trump, crediting him with jobs and investments that the companies planned to make anyway because of opportunities in the strong U.S. economy. Why are they sucking up? Because Trump needs constant adulation and the way to get along with him is to give him constant adulation, and because business leaders hope to avoid getting into the crosshairs of a Trump tweet.

As I’ve said, I’m reading The New Tsar by Steven Lee Myers. Sucking up to the autocrat is exactly how business people in Russia survive. They too try to keep Putin happy and avoid his wrath.

We’ve never had a president who required such constant stroking. During the Obama presidency, the economy created 15M new jobs — that according to numerous sources including Money magazine. But you never hear President Obama claiming personal success for those jobs. Nor do you hear him demanding that voters constantly tell him how great he is. Welcome to the Trump era.

I’m tired of it already. The question is when Trump supporters, or the  business community, get tired of it.

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