Daira La Profesora

Daira is Minga’s daughter, a university graduate who teaches middle school mathematics. In Panama, a college graduate who teaches in middle school is “profesora”. A high school graduate, also allowed to teach, is “maestra”. Up in the mountains, where it’s hard to get teachers at all, you don’t even have to be a high school graduate — just literate. I have no idea what those teachers are called; probably “maestro or maestra” as well.

The school year is winding up in Panama, with students beginning their 10 week break. The kids are always on school break when I go to Panama in January or February. End of the school year is a big deal, with celebrations galore.

Daira always dresses stylishly and very professionally. She’s come a long way from the little village girl I knew back in the 1960’s.  She has always been beautiful, and with that endearing smile.




2 thoughts on “Daira La Profesora

  1. for Phyllis: Not sure. Will ask her when I see her later this month. Could be the 20th anniversary of her teaching at that school.

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