Trump and Technology

Trump doesn’t use a computer, and he seems largely ignorant of technology and how it undergirds most of what we do. He sees little importance in Russia hacking the U.S. election — no doubt because it benefited him — and seems oblivious to the complex global supply chains that deliver products around the world.

Arguably, Trump knows something about commercial real estate — although he was never among the major New York developers. For many years his company hasn’t been making anything, just slapping his name on products other people make. But real estate is a very small slice of the world’s productivity. Trump also shows little curiosity about learning — he goes by gut reaction.

Limited knowledge, limited experience, limited curiosity, outdated world view, technological incompetence, short attention span, impulsivity — it makes you wonder how decision making is going to be hashed out in the Oval Office.  Trump isn’t going to bring much to the table, but by virtue of the power of the office, he’s going to be the final arbiter of U.S. policy. Sounds like a disaster to me.

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