Writing Life: End-of-Year Stats

My blog stats are important to me, for no good reason that I can think of other than that they just are. I put a lot of time into the blog, writing 3 or 4 posts on a daily basis. I respond personally to every comment, whether I know the commenter or not. I look for a range of topics that will appeal to a broad base of readers. A blog isn’t like a diary, which exists for the writer. A blog is there to be read, and it matters to me that people are coming to the site and reading.

Here’s some of the preliminary info for 2016:

I continue to add followers, and am now up to 424. That doesn’t mean 424 people visit the blog every day; just that 424 readers get notified when I have a new post. The top five countries from which readers come are the United States, Panama, Turkey, Germany, and Canada. At year end I’ll list all the countries from which I’ve had a least one reader; the range always astonishes me. So far this year 57 people from Romania have visited the site and read at least one entry.  So have 7 people from Lichtenstein, and 5 from Tunisia. There have been 3 from Namibia, 2 from Angola, and 1 from Iran. Other than the blog, I’d have no way of interacting with so many readers from around the world.

The top five posts in terms of total hits are, as always, those I write around the Fremont Solstice. Naked bikers in body paint never lose their appeal, even though I missed the parade this year and used only archival photos.

My author profile has been read this year by 49,953 people. Apparently people who happen upon the blog or find an interesting post through the use of search terms want to know who I am.

A college friend that I hadn’t spoken with for a couple of decades found the blog when she was searching for Trump commentary — Lord knows I have enough of that. She tracked down my contact information and surprised me with a call to my cell phone. I was delighted to hear, “Hi, Pam, it’s Ceil” — as if we’d spoken just the other day.

This is a preliminary look at the end of year stats; I’m still in the process of digesting them, and of course we lack a few days to have final numbers of page views and readers. But the response to the blog is deeply satisfying to me as a writer, and yes, I will continue next year. Many of you have said you’d miss me if I didn’t write, and you have to know that I’d miss my daily contact with you too. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Writing Life: End-of-Year Stats

  1. So..people like me who read the blog daily but opt not to have a notification sent each time you post or someone adds a comment..are we counted in that 424? if not, you have at least 425 followers!

  2. for Joyce: Hurray! 425 it is. Even if you’re not signed up for notifications, you contribute to the stats every time you click on a post, or comment. Thank you for being one of my most loyal readers. I also love that the blog is a way for you to keep up with Amy, Matt, and the kids — you can share Archie and Else’s growing up, even at a distance. That’s special.

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