Eye of the Newt

I’m not sure why Politico and CNN are reporting frequently on what Newt Gingrich thinks about Trump. Like Rudy Guliani, another throwback of an earlier Republican era, Gingrich has re-emerged as a Trump supporter, or perhaps “Trump explainer” is more accurate. I thought we were done with Gingrich and Guliani, especially since neither man seems to have scored a job in the new administration. Both are such cranky and arrogant old men. And who can keep track of the number of wives they have between them — six, maybe?

I don’t read the Gingrich mentions, but a headline caught my eye. Newt is apparently opining that President Obama is in a “frenzy” trying to protect his legacy.

Take a look at President Obama in any news clip or photo. Have you ever seen a less frenzied man?

One of the things about President and Mrs. Obama that has driven conservative white people to distraction from day one is that Barack and Michelle Obama are perfectly comfortable in their black skin. They aren’t trying to be like white folks, or striving to be accepted by white folks. They are surrounded by other black professional couples who form their intimate social circle. All of these families use the traditional strengths of the black community — family, church, and culture — to ground their children. They are content and confident in who they are, and it drives people like Newt crazy.

On the point of President Obama’s legacy, here’s my take: Trump can undo most or all of what President Obama worked to put in place over his eight years in office. But Trump can’t touch the legacy of this intelligent, dignified, scandal-free presidency. Trump can’t erase the image of young black girls growing into young adulthood in the White House built by slaves. Trump can’t tarnish Michelle Obama traveling to Africa to support the education of girls and the economic advancement of women. Trump can kill the Affordable Care Act, but he can’t change the fact that it’s Democrats who care that people have health care, not Republicans. Trump can bask in the glory of “saving” a few hundred jobs at Carrier, but he’s not shown any ability to reverse the trend of automation that is taking hundreds of thousands of jobs from the voters who supported him.

I suspect President Obama is philosophical about his time in the Oval Office. He was elected twice, did what he thought was right for the country, and carried the responsibility of the office seriously and with dignity. Now he gets to move on to the next stage of what is a remarkable and interesting life. Kudos to this First Family, our First Family, and my President. I’ll miss them a lot.

2 thoughts on “Eye of the Newt

  1. for Phyllis: A lot of the hyper-partisanship and vicious fight-to-the-death mentality came from Gingrich when he was House Speaker. I’m not happy to see him resurface.

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