Turning Health Care Cuts back on Republicans

Theda Skocpol is a Harvard professor of sociology and political science — yes, the progressive flag is flying high in her scholarly work. Reason enough for the Breitbart crowd to disregard her. But maybe Trump shouldn’t.

Trump’s army is largely composed of voters who will be hit hard by his plans around cutting health care, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. With his penchant for saying green is blue and claiming down is actually up, Trump will loudly proclaim that the cuts actually benefit his voters, because they throw inner city blacks and immigrants off the rolls. He will call it a victory for Trump nation. The truth is quite different:

Congress will be asked not only to cut the taxes levied on businesses and the rich to finance Obamacare benefits for 20 to 30 million low and middle-income Americans; Republican leaders also plan to slash federal commitments to Medicaid, giving states the authority to shrink this health care program for the poor and elderly. And Republican House members, led by Speaker Paul D. Ryan, seem determined to abolish traditional Medicare insurance for retirees and replace it with “premium vouchers” that would throw older Americans on the mercies of private insurance markets and require them to pay more for their care.

Trump voters will be especially hard hit if just part of this sweeping agenda comes to fruition.”


Skocpol’s point is that blame won’t automatically fall on Republicans, because of Trump’s ability to manipulate his voters. Democrats will have to organize and make a sustained effort at a very grassroots level to get people to understand what Trump’s moves are all about.

Democrats, here’s the galvanizing issue for the 2018 Congressional election. Now we need a leader to organize the charge. President Obama can help, but he shouldn’t be the lead guy because he can’t run again. Hillary, sadly, seems done — even though we are seeing more and more clearly that in this election she won the popular vote by a huge margin even though she didn’t catch a single break and didn’t win the Electoral College. We need someone else — someone who can go on to run strongly in 2020. The invitation is out there …

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