The Big Delusion: Trump Government Can Work

Pundits keep writing sane and sensible articles about how Trump government can work. In one article I read yesterday morning, for example, the writer proposed that if Trump is going to keep signaling U.S. foreign policy by Tweet, those Tweets need to be vetted and backed up by State Department experts. Good luck with that. Trump, as he always reminds us, is very smart and he disdains experts, especially government bureaucrat experts. He tweets on impulse, often after watching CNN. The route between his brain and his fingers on a handheld device does not go through the State Department.

Here’s another article along those lines from Brookings, entitled “Five Ways to Make the Populist Republican Coalition Government Work”.

The first of five points made by this writer is: “Both sides need to win.”

Full stop. We know Trump doesn’t believe that. He’s a 70 year old man who’s entire personal and business life has been built around a stark win-lose world view, one in which he will do anything, absolutely anything, not to be the loser. And if he is the loser, he will simply shout more often and more loudly than anyone else that he really won.

Other than the core Trump supporters, who think everything he does is dandy, and white power-loving men for whom no compromise of principle is too much [think Perry and Tillerson], the rest of us are trying to normalize Trump. Not going to happen, folks. Au contraire, it’s going to be a very rough ride.

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