Electoral College and Michelle Obama

No, there’s no straight line between the Electoral College and the First Lady — just that I paid attention to one on Monday and not the other. I didn’t monitor the Electoral College vote during the day, and I didn’t watch Trump gloat — which I’m sure he did because that’s what he does.

I did watch Oprah Winfrey’s hour long special on CBS, interviewing Michelle Obama about her years in the White House. Lord we’re going to miss this family. Our first African American First Lady is brilliant, graceful, fun, superbly competent. She put forth enormous effort to open the White House to people not usually invited there. Her commitment to the education of girls around the world is legendary and will remain influential. Hers is the absolute model of a healthy, loving family — as is her marriage. Oprah Winfrey is rarely overshadowed, but she was overshadowed here. What a strong, honest, articulate woman Michelle Obama is.

Trump is already asking how many nights a week he has to spend in the White House. I doubt we’ll see much of Melania, and I’m afraid we’ll see way too much of Ivanka hawking her clothing and jewelry line out of the West Wing.

My sense of what we are losing keeps growing.

4 thoughts on “Electoral College and Michelle Obama

  1. I had the same reaction. We are going to miss First Lady Michelle Obama. It will be interesting to see this first family grow after the White House.

  2. for Joyce: I’m quite sure Michelle will never run for office — she’s had enough of political cruelty — but I’m quite sure she will do something interesting. I saw a special of her visiting African girls and encouraging them to get an education — Meryl Streep was part of the trip, and a couple of young journalists from CNN. The program was wonderful. Barack Obama is still a young man, although he’s aged visibly in office. And their girls are bright and have a global world view. I understand from the Oprah interview that Michelle’s mother, Mrs. Robinson, is going back to Chicago. She’ll come when needed, which should be less now that the girls are older, but she wants to go home. I’d say she’s earned that!

  3. Art Tivo’d it last night and we watched this morning over coffee. What a magnificent woman! Trump women (never) or others will have a hard time keeping pace or having the positive influence she has had.

  4. for Phyllis: I think we’ll see little of Melania, who will likely stay in New York, and Ivanka will be busy selling her jewelry and clothing line out of the West Wing. If you liked the Oprah interview with Michelle, see if you can track down a CNN special of her traveling to Africa with Meryl Streep and a couple of young CNN journalists to support girls getting an education. It’s remarkable, touching — and another visible sign of what we’ve lost with the Obamas leaving the White House and Trump nation coming in.

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