Seeing Different Worlds

Brian Stelter, on Sunday morning’s Reliable Sources, interviewed a conservative media baron who claimed “the American people” are thrilled with Trump, his cabinet picks, his clear vision for the country, and his strength.

The media baron and I are truly living in parallel universes. I’m horrified by Trump. I think his cabinet picks are a mash-up of billionaires, right-wing ideologues, Dr. Strangelove generals, religious nut cases, and outright racists. I think Trump’s vision for the country is to sell our power and influence to the highest bidder, or the biggest flatterer — think Putin. I don’t see Trump as strong. I see him as a thin-skinned, narcissistic bully with a cruel, vindictive streak.

I think the parallel universes are diverging, not converging, and that this degree of partisan division is lethal for our democracy.

2 thoughts on “Seeing Different Worlds

  1. Did you see the opening segment of Saturday Night Live several days ago? If not, google it. It includes Alec Baldwin as Trump, a visit down the chimney from Putin, Melania, Kelly Ann, and a pop-in visit from the Secy of State, who has a great time with “Putie.” Every line has innuendo.

  2. for Phyllis: I did. And I actually think mockery is a good way to deal with Trump — gets under his skin, and much better than taking him seriously.

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