Planning Panama 2017

I’m a planner. Lily is even more of a planner. Panama 2017 is a little more than a month away, and I already have the email from Lily inquiring about the plan. By that she means when are the four who will make up Week One arriving, do I want David to pick everyone up or will some take the shuttle to the airport hotel, when do I want to leave for the interior on Saturday, where have I rented the car — things like that.

I must say that with Lily on the job, everything unfolds without a hitch. She really is remarkable. Gloria is too, once we arrive near the village — although Lily has more experience dealing with things like rental car places and she can afford more minutes on her cell phone. Gloria’s situation taxes my patience when she’s in the middle of trying to resolve something for me and her cell phone runs out of minutes. Then we have to get in the car and run around finding a new cell phone card. They seem to accept the fits and starts as normal; I don’t and never will. My impatience makes me not a good candidate for retirement living in Panama.

I think Lily is staying with us for part of the time, which will be fun. She loves to join, especially when there is a person around her age as part of the group. This year that will be Emily.

The Panama weeks are real down time. As I’ve written about before, we swim, eat, read, visit the village, go to bed early and get up early to savor the morning sun before it gets too hot. The TV cable packages are usually dreadful, although this year we’re staying in a new place and this owner might offer something more comprehensive. There are a few restaurants, but Gloria’s cooking is invariably better. There’s a bar at the hotel, but just that — a bar. No live music or other entertainment. Sometimes I have guests who are puzzlers, or card players — mostly we sit around of an evening and talk. It’s a lovely thing, to be present with friends without any distractions.

The countdown begins.

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