Battle of the Octogenarians

Rep. Louise Slaughter is at least 80. She represents the district where the Klainer family lived in Rochester. She’s from Kentucky coal country originally, and still talks like it. She’s a powerhouse, whether the Democrats control Congress or not.

She’s also a smart and savvy campaigner. In recent years, challenged by a much younger and appealing Republican opponent, Slaughter badly broke her leg in the final stages of the campaign. She was hospitalized with the leg up in traction — thought to be a killer visual image in terms of Congressional run: old lady flat on her back while the young guy is out beating the bushes. Instead, Slaughter pre-empted the ad that was sure to come and had a picture taken of herself in the hospital, leg high in the air, with the caption “Getting a Leg Up!” She won.

In 2012 Slaughter co-sponsored the STOCK Act, which restricts insider trading by members of Congress and their staffs, and also applies to the president. By keeping his business interests intact, keeping his ownership share but having the day to day operations run by his sons, Trump’s portfolio qualifies as a security. Any gain in the value of that portfolio due to insider knowledge while Trump is president may bring him into conflict with this criminal statute. Slaughter is on it.

I love Louise, and supported her political campaigns when I lived in Rochester. I say Go Girl! Anything we can do to distract and tie up Trump is all to the good. If he could be charged with insider trading, or forced to divest his business interests, so much the better. If it came to that, I suspect he’d resign the presidency and choose his business instead. This is, after all, about his being adored and getting richer, so he’s finally respected among those New York billionaires who have never taken him seriously.

John McCain is showing signs of standing up to Trump, and now Louise. We have the battle of the Octogenarians, and you know whose side I’m on.

4 thoughts on “Battle of the Octogenarians

  1. for Phyllis: She’s at least 80, don’t you think? I hope she goes hard at The Donald, and doesn’t give up. I think she’s been a great legislator — we’re lucky to have her in Congress.

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