“My President Was Black”

Ta-Nehisi Coates is a black author, journalist, educator, and public intellectual. He has authored an extraordinary piece for the Atlantic, entitled “My President Was Black.” The article is long and serious; it requires attention and time.


I encourage you to take the time, give attention, bear witness. Coates helps us make sense — whatever sense can be made — of the juxtaposition of the Obama presidency and Trump.

Only one of those men will ever be my president, and as is true for Coates, my president is black.

2 thoughts on ““My President Was Black”

  1. I have not yet completed the article as I have been traveling. But, so far, I am very grateful that you shared this. It is so well written and nuanced.

    What would I do without your sharing these great articles and insights!

  2. for Frances: Thank you. I read a lot, and sharing the best of what I find has become a staple of the blog. I’m grateful that longtime readers sample at least some of the articles.

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