Ben Carson and the Problem of Housing

Like many other Trump appointees, Ben Carson is spectacularly unsuited for the HUD job to which he has been appointed. We know that Carson says he’s never run a large bureaucracy. Check. And he doesn’t like to encourage dependency. Check. And his mother made him read books and report to her, which is why he became a brilliant neurosurgeon. Check. Housing problem solved, right?

The housing problem in New York City is out of control. A New York Times article yesterday morning — one almost too painful to read — reports the deaths of two toddler sisters who were sleeping in a room where the steam valve on a radiator burst. The children were essentially cooked alive.

New York has no place to put its homeless other than in dangerous shelters, often far from where children need to go to school, or substandard apartments, or cheap hotels, or city-funded cluster sites like the one in which the two little girls died.

I’d love to see Carson reach out to Mayor de Blasio to offer the full weight of HUD to help solve the homeless problem. Don’t hold your breath. Carson doesn’t like to encourage dependency, remember?

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