Why Does Trump Bother?

A friend and regular blog reader wrote via email to ask why I think Trump bothers to talk to people like Al Gore — an ardent climate change advocate — when Trump knows he’s about to nominate the worst possible choice for head of the EPA?

I think it’s Trump’s cruel streak. He likes toying with people. I think he’s doing the same thing with Romney over the Secretary of State possibility. Trump likes people to grovel, then he gets great satisfaction out of dumping them or trashing their ideas in the most public way. He’s really a vile human being.

I read that he’s also going to talk with Leonardo di Caprio about climate change. Trump can’t find time, or doesn’t care enough, to listen to the daily security briefings prepared for POTUS. But he can find time for a celebrity sit-down over an issue he’s already decided will go nowhere.

The financial markets like Trump because they think he’s going to give a big tax cut to the rich and invest in infrastructure spending, at least via tax credits if not actual dollars. But I can’t figure out why anyone else likes him. The union boss at the Carrier plant who called Trump out on his false claim to have saved 1100 jobs is getting the picture of the real guy — all bombast, little delivery, and heap of personal abuse for good measure.

Trump is mean, thin-skinned and vindictive. Welcome to the new man we are supposed to respect as POTUS.

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