Conscious Aging: End of Year Tune-Up

I’m a pretty lucky 71 year old, in the sense that most of my medical visits are for preventative care and screening. Luck isn’t the whole of it; I work at eating right, exercising, getting proper sleep, drinking little, challenging my brain to make new cognitive connections, and  pursuing a range of social relationships that keep my emotional range expanding. I have that respiratory vulnerability, but haven’t had a bad episode in a couple of years.  Part of that is less exposure; the grandkids have been in day care long enough to have developed some immunities. They don’t get every cold that’s going around, and then sneeze on me. 🙂

For some reason, more by default that conscious intent, my medical visits are all clustered into December: mammogram, dermatologist, eye doctor — and oh yes, I have a six month dentist visit today. I don’t really like going for medical appointments when I feel fine — but, I’m going.

Right now my medical visits are covered by Medicare, and by the supplemental policy I pay for. Paul Ryan not only wants to jettison the Affordable Care Act, he wants to privatize Medicare too. The program seems to me to work exceptionally well, as does Social Security, but ideology matters to this devotee of Ayn Rand more than any evidence  or successful history.

Trump is outright objectionable just standing there, even before he begins to gloat. Ryan smiles and looks boyish. But neither is a friend of older Americans. Trump is too rich, and Ryan is too ideological. Trump brags about being a tough guy able to make hard decisions, and Ryan says earnestly that throwing his grandmother under a bus is what’s required to save the country.

I’d better get my medical visits out of the way while I can.


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