The Obfuscation

Jake Tapper tried eight times — count it, eight — to get Mike Pence, who chairs Trump’s transition team, to acknowledge that the team had tried to get security clearance for Flynn Jr., who tweeted the conspiracy theories that led to an armed gunman showing up at a Washington D.C. pizza parlor.

Eight times, Pence parried, demurred, obfuscated. Finally Tapper moved on.

Don’t move on, Jake. Don’t move on. Keep asking the same question, until you get an answer.

Pence and the rest of Trump world need to stop talking about “the American people” and what we care about. Trump world doesn’t speak for the American people. Trump world speaks for the crazies, the bigots, the racists, the white supremacists, the people swept up by the promises of an authoritarian leader. I object profoundly to trying to get security clearance for a wing nut, like Flynn Jr. As a matter of fact. Flynn Sr. — the incoming NSA head — is a wing nut too.

I keep looking for rays of hope in the incoming administration. And I keep coming up with people like Flynn, and Pence, and the man himself.

Nikki Hailey, you are going to rue the day that you signed on to this already sinking ship.

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