Two Crazy Flynns

Incoming NSA head retired General Michael Flynn sounds pretty crazy to me, like Dick Cheney on steroids. Flynn apparently has a 30+ year old grudge against Iran and is determined to goad Trump into doing something dramatic to take down the conservative religious leadership of that country. Echoes of the Iraq war, anyone?

Now it turns out that his son, Flynn Jr., is just as crazy, having fomented a wacky conspiracy story involving Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and a Washington DC pizza parlor. Some random guy, goaded on by the story, showed up at the pizzeria with a gun and fired it — after which he was arrested.

What’s the worst thing that can happen as a result of Trump’s inclination to traffic in false stories that stoke paranoia in a gun-obsessed nation, and to put people in power who do the same? Ordinary Americans out to buy a pizza can find themselves in the line of fire for no earthly reason at all. Welcome to Trump world.

2 thoughts on “Two Crazy Flynns

  1. We spent the day in a three block area surrounding Radio City Music hall with a young family with a three and a two year old. We left the area at 7;30 pm. It was not until the eleven o’clock news that we found out that a man had been arrested at 8:00pm with a full can of gasoline one block from the tree in Rockefeller Center with the intent to burn down the tree! He was reported to the police by an office worker looking out at the thousands looking at the tree! Had he not been spotted by someone with the intelligence to call 911, I can only imagine the horror we may have been part of! I could only think of Archie and Else!

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