Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

I think those of us who didn’t support Trump and who will never accept him as a legitimate POTUS are struggling to find a ray of hope.  Martin Indyk, a longtime Middle East expert and peace negotiator, has a thoughtful article in Brookings on how Trump’s unconventional approach could possibly break through where other attempts have failed.

The problem is that everything Indyk describes requires a thoughtful and nuanced intellect, the ability to navigate complexity, and the patience to stick with a process with a long history of getting derailed at every turn.

Does that sound like Trump to you? Trump has made his living in real estate, and in branding deals that mostly bilk working class people — think Trump University — out of their last dime. He regularly overshoots the mark, then acts like the biggest jackass in the room until his creditors agree to work something out. When one thing fails — and despite his rhetoric he’s had a lot of failures — he goes out and finds something else.

Does that sound like the guy whose unconventional approach just might lead to a Middle East breakthrough? It certainly doesn’t to me.

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