Shooting from the Hip

Trump has had two conversations — with the leaders of Pakistan and Taiwan — that raise all kinds of red flags. He shoots from the hip in global affairs, just like he does in everything else, and in my view does so deliberately. He likes stirring things up, just for the sake of it. His most ardent supporters love that about him and goad him on.

He’s not using the expertise of the State Department; he’s just getting on the phone. He knows little about our longstanding alliances and foes, and seems not to care. He’s choosing not to read the daily security briefings prepared for POTUS. And he’s very vulnerable to repeating whatever the last person he talked to wants him to say. Apparently someone in his circle thought cutting through red tape with Taiwan was a great idea. We shall see.

Will he listen to his own cabinet members once he had them in place? I doubt it. Trump is an enormously impulsive man, overconfident in his own abilities and disdainful of what he doesn’t know. What a dangerous man to have elected to the Oval Office.

This article in the New Yorker points out that George W. Bush was indifferent to the warning about Osama bin Ladin prior to 9/11. That turned out very badly for the United States. God knows what Trump might be ignoring now.

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