Car Shopping

Those of you who’ve read the blog for a long time know I’m a car nut. Before moving to Seattle I used to buy a new car every three years, and they were high end models, like my beloved Jaguar convertible. I came here with a 2010 Subaru, which I still have. The car has about 27,000 miles on it, barely broken in. I get it detailed every year, so it’s in close to pristine shape. I have two carseats in the back. A Subaru is a great Seattle car: big enough to carry what I need, safe for my grandchildren and me to ride in, but compact enough to navigate narrow streets and fit into narrow parking spaces. I like the car. It just isn’t new, and it isn’t a Jaguar.

If I didn’t have the issue of car seats, and if I were overly optimistic about my aging body climbing in and out of a low-slung sports car, I’d go out tomorrow and buy an XE, and XF, or an F-type, fully loaded.

Well, that’s not going to happen. But Sara is in the market for a new car. She’s driving a 2007 Lexus SUV that she bought coming off my lease and brought to Seattle. The car is low mileage, but ten years is ten years. She’s ready to go new. She has a couple of models in mind — at least on of which I’d consider too if I were looking — and she’s invited me to go car shopping with her on Saturday.

I shall enjoy the vicarious thrill.

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