Who Speaks Spanish?

Caucasian bosses of Latino work crews in elite high rise apartment buildings here in Seattle speak Spanish, no doubt out of necessity.

Yesterday morning I went down to the lobby at 8am to await my apartment cleaners — also Spanish speaking, although they have some English. While there a white guy in a hard hat came into the lobby with a small crew of Latino men bearing tool buckets who were going to fix something in the manager’s office. The hard hat guy was giving instructions in Spanish.

This is where Trump’s stated promise to deport all undocumented workers meets reality. I don’t know that the Latino men were undocumented, but I’m guessing at least some of them might be. My cleaners could be, for all that I know or care. These are the people doing jobs that the anti-immigration forces, at the end of the day, don’t want to do. If the undocumented are dragged out of our lives, will that open up a lot of work opportunities and salve the fury of the white working class?

Somehow I doubt it.

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