What KellyAnne Meant to Say

KellyAnne Conway has sent a public message to Trump: “the base” is unhappy about his considering Mitt Romney for Secretary of State. What Conway really means is that her patron, Rebekah Mercer, is unhappy. So, probably, is the Koch network and the Heritage Foundation, of which the Mercer fortune is a part.

We’ll see what Trump does. He professes to care about the poorly educated who elected him, but he really cares that they form the bulk of his adoring crowd. Wait until the full Republican agenda — Paul Ryan’s longstanding desire to kill Medicare and maybe Social Security if he can get away with it, pass large tax cuts for the rich, revoke the Affordable Care Act — hits the Trump voters right where they live and they start burning their red MAGA hats in effigy. Or, maybe they won’t. Italy re-elected their buffoon, Silvio Berlusconi, for two terms. Germany stuck with Hitler until he was soundly defeated in the theater of war. Maybe the Trump voters really don’t care about anything at all as long as Trump channels their inner tribal fury.

The backers who funded his election and fueled the messaging — Mercer, Breitbart news, Bannon — are wealthy elites. They are telling Trump to smarten up and pay attention.

The Secretary of State decision should come soon. Wait for it.

2 thoughts on “What KellyAnne Meant to Say

  1. Sadly, I have a sick feeling that as long as the Trump machine succeeds in sending innocent “illegals” in sufficient numbers back across the border, the unemployed, uninsured and uneducated will suffer acceptance of their penury.

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