Broken Dreams, A Broken Constitution

I’m feeling no better about the election. Nothing Trump has done in the intervening two weeks gives me a sliver of hope for the next four years. I admit to some anger when I read about Florida voters who have come to like their health care provided through the Affordable Care Act, but voted for Trump. I don’t care more about their well-being than they evidently do, so now if they go without I don’t have much sympathy.

Garrett Epps, writing for the Atlantic, has a searing article entitled “Donald Trump has Broken the Constitution”. Here’s an excerpt; the piece is worth reading in full.

“Like an admissions officer at Trump University, he offered Americans a bag of magic beans and asked them in exchange to hand over their rights and their form of government.

Smiling, nearly 60 million complied.

I deny their right to give Trump my rights or those of others who cannot defend themselves. No result is legitimate that threatens the Constitution its very promise of the “blessings of liberty.” No transient plurality, no matter how angry, has the power to strip minorities of equal status and protection; no mass of voters, no matter how frightened, has the power to vote away the democratic future of their children and their children’s children.

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