Family Life: Meeting Jerry and Midge

Ben’s dad Jerry — Jurgen — and wife Midge are in Seattle for Thanksgiving. Ben’s mom died some years ago. I took Sara and Ben, Jerry and Midge, and Matt out for dinner at Rock Creek  Seafood and Spirits in Fremont on Wednesday night. Amy stayed with the kids — Heidi is visiting her daughter, Amy’s sister Lisa, for the holiday.   We had a great dinner — and Jerry was pleased that the bar had Aquavit, made locally in Ballard. And we all got on famously. I’m not surprised, knowing Ben.

Jerry and Midge live in New York, on the upper East Side, so I have an invitation to stay — which I plan to take them up on. Midge work for a long time for Channel 13,  and now she raises money for a non-profit. Jerry is retired from Bayer, a German company. They are interesting and interested, and happily we are all on the same page re the recent election. No need to walk on eggshells here.

Jerry calls his son Benjamin. Ben’s friends call him Ben-o. Sara and the rest of us call him Ben, and Archie calls him Bennie. There’s something in a nickname, although I can’t say I know what. 🙂

One thought on “Family Life: Meeting Jerry and Midge

  1. Oh my goodness, skol to Jerry the aquavit drinker. My first introduction to to Rays family involved aquavit. The first sip was awful but eventually it tasted pretty good!

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