Betsy de Vos

Even when Trump has people to pick from who know something about the area to which they are being appointed, and even when that person is apparently willing to serve, he’s going for wealthy hard right ideologues.

Trump talked to Michelle Rhee, an Asian American woman who was Chancellor of the Washington D.C. public schools. Public accounts say she took herself out of the running for Secretary of Education, although one would assume that if Trump had extended an offer she might have considered accepting. She at least knows something about education.

Don’t recognize Betsy deVos? She is the daughter-in-law of the billionaire founder of Amway. She’s big on school choice, which in conservative parlance means parental freedom to choose that your kid be taught that creationism is as  valid as evolution, that climate change science is junk, that black history should be detached from American history, and that the Internment of Japanese Americans during World War II was a righteous and necessary thing. You get the idea.

I wonder how the Rust Belt voters are liking Trump’s picks? Presumably there was a superintendent or two from the Rust Belt or coal country Appalachia who might have the credentials to run the Department of Education. But that’s not where Trump is going.

Are you watching, Trump voters?

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