Panama 2016: Daira

Daira’s evangelical church apparently had a celebration of Panamanian culture, and Daira wore a pollera and tembliques [the hair adornment] made by her sister, Rufina. Rufina, as you know, is Minga’s second eldest daughter and Lily’s mother.

Beautiful, yes?

I’ve known Rufina since she was eight or nine years old, and it just occurs to me that I’ve seen many complex sewing projects like this completed for others, but I’ve never seen Rufina outfitted in one of her own creations. I emailed Lily to ask if she knows why. She said her mother loves to make beautiful clothes but does not like to dress up herself. Simple as that. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Panama 2016: Daira

  1. for Nedra: Some years ago there was a fiesta at Minga’s, and the family got polleras for all of us. In addition to the scratchy lace blouse and the capacious skirt — in 90 degree weather — there was the matter of a slip that had to go on underneath. I told Minga I wasn’t going to wear the slip, and she simply glared at me. On went the slip, and I almost died of the heat. Looked beautiful, though, like Daira. πŸ™‚

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