Trump apparently had a couple of meetings with the press in which he said he won’t tell his Justice Department to prosecute Hillary Clinton because he isn’t much interested in it any more, and that he sees no conflict in being president and promoting his business interests because a president by definition can’t have a conflict of interest.

Honestly, the man is clueless. Both of these are matters of law, not matters of how Trump personally feels.

He’s obviously loving picking his cabinet. He’s having fun parading people in and out. I actually find it fairly nauseating to see people who trashed him during the campaign now groveling for a place in his cabinet.  But has Trump made any effort to delve more deeply into the complex matters that will come across the president’s desk come January 20th? Apparently not.

I really do wonder who is going to be running the country while Trump is acting in his new reality show, The Oval Office. Probably a lot of people, all jockeying for power and vying for the president’s ear and trying to kill each other off in order to claim a bigger share of the pie. That should be fun to watch. Trump himself seems to agree with whomever he speaks to last. He thought torture was a swell idea until he met with General Mattis, who doesn’t think torture is very effective. Now Trump doesn’t think so either.

Trump’s approval rating is still going up, and more people than voted for him are optimistic that he’ll do a good job. I’m shaking my head in wonder.

David Brooks, conservative columnist for the New York Times, has joined the give-Trump-a-chance and listen-to-his-voters camp. That’s disappointing.

Trump is going to be president come January 20th. I know that. The members of the Electoral College who are making noises about voting for someone else are going to fall in line — the pressure on them will be too great. But Trump hasn’t been one iota different as president-elect than he was in the campaign: shallow, short of attention, gloating, vulgar, vain. There’s no reason to take him, or his supporters, any more seriously now than I did then. And I don’t.

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