Climate Change Marches On

In TrumpWorld they don’t believe the science of climate change, preferring to think the whole issue is a hoax perpetrated by China.

Alas, the weather gods are indifferent to the people in TrumpWorld.

Killington, Vermont, is about to host two Women’s World Cup races, after a drought of 38 years. Bringing elite competitive skiing back to Vermont is a big deal, both for the local economy that surges during the actual event and for the prestige that elite skiing showers upon its host venues — drawing new recreational skiers who want to follow the elites down the world’s most challenging runs.

But the winter weather in Vermont has grown fickle. In order to prepare the slopes for the competition, Killington has had to blanket the runs with artificially made snow, possible only when the temperatures fall below 27 degrees. The slopes are covered now. Race organizers are compulsively monitoring computerized weather projections and crossing their fingers. Killington has not released estimates of the cost of running the massive snow making machines day and night when the weather allows — a cost any Vermont venue who wants to host in the future will have to bear.

Vermont, as we know, is not the only canary in the mines sending signals of climate change. Miami and Miami Beach have streets and basements that are flooding with high tides. Louisiana’s bayous are sinking into the sea.

Most climate change scientists think there is a tipping point, beyond which our world will not be able to reverse the effects of man-made warming. President Obama and the signatories to the Paris accords brought considerable muscle to bear attempting to stay below that tipping point. Trump promises to scuttle the U.S. participation in the deal.

Elections have consequences.

2 thoughts on “Climate Change Marches On

  1. We in the climate change lobby will continue and increase our efforts. Check out Citizens Climate Lobby for an emphasis on promoting the positive. Catherine Hayhoe, a climate scientist and an evangelical Christian, insists she does not believe in climate change because she knows it is a scientific fact and we can’t make the choice to believe or not.

  2. for Linda: I like that way of putting it. Matters of fact v. matters of belief. We need more people from the evangelical community to speak to their own. Lord knows the rest of us aren’t getting through.

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