More Celebrating Lily’s Birthday

Lily is a girl after my own heart, believing that birthdays deserve the widest possible recognition and celebration. Here she is with her work friends from Arrocha.  She has a really nice group of friends there, and they are clearly happy to join in honoring her turning 38. I’ve met several of Lily’s pharmacist friends, and I’m very impressed. They’re bright, ambitious, many are bi-lingual — which places them light years above many of our ambitious late-30’s young people who speak only English.





2 thoughts on “More Celebrating Lily’s Birthday

  1. Please share with Lily we wish her a happy belated birthday. She looks beautiful. She really knows how to throw a party … we could use her skills! I too lo9ve celebrating birthdays and have always tried to make it an event for the kids. Please also tell her we will miss seeing her and all of her family this year and that we hope someday to both go back to Panama to visit her again and to host her here in the states in the Boston area.

  2. for Bryna: When she and Gloria made their first trip to the U.S., they wanted to see everything and meet everyone. They had no idea of distance and cost!! But a subsequent trip would surely be to the east coast, and I know Lily would love to see your home and your community, and visit downtown Boston. I will forward your birthday wishes.

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