An election loss always evokes finger pointing, at least for awhile. Some Democrats and pundits are circling the wagons and shooting at each other over who is responsible for Trump. Hillary didn’t work hard enough. Minority voters didn’t turn out. The political press was oblivious. The cultural elite is arrogant.

Oh, please. There is one group of voters who bear responsibility for Trump, and it’s not Democrats. It’s the same kind of people who were bamboozled by Trump University, amplified by the nasty campaign — people who are fooled by simplistic solutions, bravado, and the momentary glamour of being part of a reality TV show guy’s orbit. The ultimate irony is that at least one of the Trump University lawsuits just settled for 25M, with the others likely to follow. Trump had to get Trump U out of the way so he could focus on his newer, bigger scam: being president of the United States. Same guy. Same scam. Same people drawn to it, like flies to honey.

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