Ivanka: Daddy’s Little Girl

There’s some literature to suggest that traditionally powerful white males can tolerate a degree of assertiveness in their daughters that they can’t accept from their wives or from women who try to compete with them professionally. We know that Trump hated his first wife Ivana’s success in his business, and vowed he’d never again let one of his wives into his real estate empire. But here is Ivanka, present at the meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe even though the State Department was excluded, along with the press. She then marketed the bracelet she wore at the meeting on her Ivanka Trump Jewelry web site.

Did you hear the outcry from Republicans who were so rabid about Hillary’s purported conflicts of interest while Secretary of State? I didn’t either.

What’s up with Ivanka? She stood around her father in that gaggle of silent adoring family women during the campaign, all long-haired beauties who never said a word but simply looked at Trump in the adoring way Pat Nixon used to look at Dick. Ivanka never says a critical word about her father, simply tells us over and over what a swell guy he is — even after the Donald and Billy on Bus tape. During the divorce Ivana Trump — Ivanka’s mother — charged Trump with marital rape. Swell guy. He’s a really swell guy, a pussy groper who Ivanka tells us will be great for women in the White House.

Psychologists might have a field day figuring out this relationship. Suffice it to say I’m no more interested in hearing from Daddy’s Little Girl than I am from Trump himself.

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