Affirming Human Decency

This is an expansion of an exchange in the Comments section, which I know not all of you read. Regular reader Frances, whom I know only through the blog, noticed my post entitled “Encounter”, and wrote that my interaction with the woman in a wheel chair at the Planned Parenthood event inspired her. The comment bolstered my spirits, which are in a very fragile place since the election.

Human decency is a value that I hold dear and want to believe will prevail. Right now, something else carried Trump to victory; those dark sentiments have been given free reign, and they are reinforcing each other in a most destructive way. Public discourse has turned coarse and vengeful and vulgar, and Republican voters seem to love it. Pundits calling me to take into account the legitimate feelings of estrangement that caused “good and decent” Americans to vote Trump are asking me to do something I don’t want to do, indeed can’t do. Instead, I want to place myself among people who value decency, kindness, truthfulness, and compassion.

Thanks to Frances for standing up as a kindred spirit.

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