A Girl Can Dream

The main presenter at the Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands event was Chief Executive Office Chris Charbonneau, a seasoned, tough fighter for women’s reproductive rights. She was both realistic about the challenges ahead and bitingly funny, which lifted my spirits. She had several concrete suggestions, like asking women who have health insurance to get their gynecological care at Planned Parenthood so that our reimbursement dollars will help uninsured women be served. I thought that was brilliant, and something I’d consider doing in addition to being a donor.

She talked about something else, in the face of the likely evisceration of the Affordable Care Act. California, Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii and Washington state are talking about setting up our own version of the ACA, assuming the federal coverage goes by the boards. We have the population, and the economic vitality, to make it work.

I read an idea in the Seattle Times with larger echoes of that: having Washington state join Oregon, California, and British Columbia either as a new province of Canada or a stand-alone country. Most of the job growth in the U.S. has come from these three states. We are more philosophically in harmony with each other and with Canada that we are with TrumpWorld. The states in question are contiguous, so the geography works. Would I leave aside my U.S. citizenship to join this new entity? As every day gets grimmer in TrumpWorld, I’d do it in a nanosecond.


2 thoughts on “A Girl Can Dream

  1. Can NY join the west coast coalition? We are. Ext to Canada. Once we join we’d like to deport Trump. He’s reeking havoc with our traffic, economy, tourism and small businesses in addition to politics.

    Re: “A Girl Can Dream”. My friend had a dream that when the electoral college meets they voted for Hillary.


  2. for Katie: I think New England, New York, and maybe New Jersey could envision the same thing that the west coast is imagining. Wouldn’t that be an interesting geographical realignment?

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