Reading the Early Signs

Trump is apparently already asking his staff how many nights he has to spend in the White House. He really prefers his luxurious digs in Trump Tower in New York. He’s also asking about going on the road again for rallies; he LOVES the instant gratification of adoring crowds. And you know he’s going to keep up his Twitter barrage.

He’s also apparently said he could have won the popular vote too if he’d wanted to. No Donald, actually not. The half of the country who voted for Hillary and an open, multicultural, merit-based rather than white-race based society loathes you.

Now, according to Quartz, it seems that Trump and his aides are taken aback by how much work there actually is to do from the Oval Office. This is from the Wall Street Journal, a stalwart Republican news source:

On his visit to the White House last week, Trump was surprised when Obama walked him through the considerable amount of work required to run the country, the Wall Street Journal reports (paywall) citing people familiar with the meeting. The Journal also reported that some of Trump’s aides were unaware that Trump had to replace the entire presidential staff working in the West Wing at the end of Obama’s term. Jason Miller, communications director for the Trump transition, declined to comment to the Journal on the meeting between the current and soon-to-be president.”

If Trump is going to be out basking in the glory of being president, and mostly living in New York, someone else is going to run the show. By appointing Priebus and Bannon as equals in the White House, Trump has set up a daily knife fight between the Priebus/Ryan/McConnell wing of the party and the Bannon-burn-down-the-establishment white supremacist wing.

I wonder when it’s going to occur to Jaren Kushner, Trump’s influential son-in-law, how anti-Semitic Breitbart News actually is. Bannon is executive chairman of the media site that called William Kristol a “renegade Jew”. Kushner was all-in with Bannon during the campaign, when Trump needed angry white Christian voters to put him over the top. But now? Kushner reminds me of an oblivious camper in a bone dry forest who sets up a small campfire surrounded by rocks to contain the burn. Sparks fly, setting off a furious conflagration that consumes acres of trees and even human lives. Bannon is like that. At a point, he picks up the rocks you thought would contain him and beats you over the head.

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