Electing a Very Limited Man

Trump has a very limited repertoire. What he does, he does brilliantly in the eyes of some  — enough to get him elected President of the United States. But his limited range is already clearly in view.

Thousands of protesters have been marching in the streets all week, shouting “not my president”. Many of them are young people, angry, disillusioned, and fearful. CNN reported that in response to a question by Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes about his voters harassing Latinos and Muslims, Trump said, “If it helps, I will say this, and I will say it right to the cameras. Stop it.”

Well, OK, for whatever that’s worth. You know that President Obama, faced with young people in the streets, would have spoken with them, not at them. He would have reached out, eloquently, in attempting to understand their anger. He would have attempted to increase understanding on all sides. He would have urged us to listen to each other, respect each other.

Trump doesn’t have that in him.

Trump’s adult offspring appear to worship him. But why do I think he’s had very little to do with raising them? For those of you who have young adults in your life, as parents or aunts and uncles or teachers or counselors or mentors or coaches or friends, how far would “Stop it” get you when they are upset enough to take to the streets? Trump hasn’t got a clue.

The complexities of the world are far greater, require far more nuance, than dealing with young people marching in protest against an election. The man Trump voters put into office to deal with that on behalf of all of us hasn’t got a clue.

The next four years are going to be a disaster, and even if Trump gets hounded out of office after one term, we’re still going to get a lousy Supreme Court. I’m shaking my head at the folly of Trump voters, and expect to be doing that a lot over the coming years.

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